Greetings Queen

Are YOU Ready to Join the Wife Code Sisterhood? Are YOU Ready to be around other Queens like you? 
Become a Wife Code Member now for only $4.99/Month! 


1. What am I paying for?

Answer: With membership fees, Wife Code will be able to host events like:

  •  Charity Events
  • Member Emergency Funds
  • Government Incorporation fees
  • Space Deposits for events like: Book clubs, Uno N Wine, Pole dancing classes, Karaoke, Fashion shows, Clothes/ Bag swap, Spring cleaning( give away items to homeless/charity), Movie night, Sip N Paint, Bowling, Photo shoots, Entertainment nights with Comedians, singers, etc.
  • Balls (each state), Coordination (Mrs. Wife Code & Little Mrs. Wife Code) Pageants
  • Giveaways
  • Group travel
  • Wife Code Building. This is a big one! We would like to have a Wife Code building all over the world! The US, London, Canada, different countries in Africa, Australia, and more. These buildings will be resource centers that have things like: gyms, keto resturants, salons, therapist, counselors, classrooms (Economics , Real estate, Coding, and more), girls lounge, hotel rooms and of course a men’s lounge with pool tables, tv, and etc.
  • Gift baskets
  • Wife Code Book/Movie

2. What can I do if I do not want to pay a membership fee but I still want to access Wife Code?

Answer: No problem, you will be able to join this Facebook Group

3. How do I apply for a membership?

Answer: Click the Subscribe button !

4. What are the disadvantages if I decided to not sign up for a membership?

Answer: You will not be able to attend any events or use any of Wife Code’s benefits. However, you will be able to attend events as a guest and a $15 fee

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